ESG Strategy

City Different Investments + Change Finance Carbon Neutral ESG Strategy


Invests in a diversified, equal-weighted portfolio of 100 US Large Cap companies, seeking to maximize performance while promoting a more just and sustainable world. The strategy achieves this through a rigorous, proprietary ESG process, active shareholder engagement, and a first-of-its-kind approach to carbon neutrality through grassland restoration.


Change Finance builds performance-oriented investment products that seek to promote a more just and sustainable world, believing that investing for good can profit people, the planet, and investors. This idea permeates their culture, from the rigorous, rules-based methodology that underpins the investment products to the intentionality they bring to shareholder advocacy.

ESG investing can be highly personal and reflective of an individual investor’s beliefs on sustainability. We believe the partnership between City Different Investments and Change Finance utilizing SMAs is a differentiated approach that enables clients to tailor the rigorously screened holdings in Change Finance’s proprietary indices and modify them to meet their distinct needs.

Portfolio Manager


125 ESG Criteria: Starts with 1,000 largest U.S. Companies by market cap and uses a proprietary Isolated ESG Risk-Factor Investment Methodology to identify unsustainable, irresponsible corporate behavior.

100 Companies: Diversified exposure to 100 ESG-qualified companies invested proportionately across all sectors with equal weighting for all holdings.

Advocacy & Engagement: Change Finance engages companies on ESG issues and related proxy votes.

Benchmark: S&P 500