City Different offers a distinctive take on investing through strategies that cover a variety of asset classes and market capitalizations. A relentless approach to maximizing long-term performance drives each one of our strategies.

Fixed Income

Short-Term Municipal Bond Limited-Term Municipal Bond Intermediate-Term Municipal Bond Fixed Income Subadvisory Services

Focused Domestic Equity

SMID Cap Core Multi-Cap Core

Global Equity

Global Equity Focused Global Equity


Change Finance + City Different Investments Carbon Neutral ESG Strategy

City Different Acquisitions

Small Business Acquisitions

Guiding Principles

All of our strategies reflect our core guiding principles:

Treat our clients as partners, aligning our interests with theirs and giving them access to the people managing their money

Take a long-term approach to both our investment decisions and our relationships

Embody a spirit of freedom and responsibility, expecting a lot from our employees but trusting them to deliver