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Tim O’Donovan

Sales Partner

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”

– Theodore Roosevelt

About Tim

Military service was the pride and culture of our family. But my early interests were athletics and business. Though I forged a different path, I see those early influences in my investment career—I’m deliberate, direct and straight-forward, and calm in the chaos. The military and investment worlds share a similarity—while both are based in technicals, education and persuasiveness served with a dose of humility are critical to success. More than an investment salesperson, I consider myself a client advocate. It’s an easy path to only recommend investment strategies currently in favor, but the disciplined advisor will seek less obvious strategies that contribute to success. I’m proud to advocate the forward-thinking strategies of City Different Investments.


Professional Roles: Catalyst Funds, Linde Hansen, Pacer Financial, Managers Investment Group, Lord Abbett
Education: BA, Economics, Spanish, Gettysburg College