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Thomas Garcia

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“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

– Babe Ruth

About Thomas

Thinking differently requires disagreement; I’ve built my entire career on fostering healthy debate. I started out in mutual fund accounting but found that I had a strong interest in investments. That eventually led to my running the Trade Desk at Thornburg Investment Management for 24 years. I used to tell my traders that part of their job description was to disagree with me because the only way to find the best idea is to test and defend your ideas in a room full of sharp people. A willingness to listen to an unconventional idea is how I came to own two Urban Air franchises. That’s part of what drew me to City Different Investments — healthy debate is baked into the culture here. By creating a collegial and collaborative space to consistently test and defend our ideas, CDI can better serve our clients. It also allows us to create a different kind of investing firm.


Professional Roles: Owner: Urban Air Albuquerque/Littleton, Thornburg Investment Management
Education: BBA, University of New Mexico