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Lee Rand

Independent Board Member

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

About Lee

Success–anyone’s–improves the world for all of us. When I see my kids master what once seemed impossible; when I see a company we invested in achieve a key milestone; when I see a friend reach a goal–I am genuinely excited for them, and we are all better. I learned long ago that success also demands honesty, and truth resides in facts. I seek to check my own biases and look at facts to guide my decisions, and respectfully but honestly help my colleagues do the same. Often the strongest voice in the room may garner the most attention, but may not offer the best solution. All perspectives and voices bring value; together, we can ensure success is celebrated and shared. I’m proud to be a Director at City Different Investments to examine the facts, celebrate achievements, and support their inevitable success.


Professional Roles: Sun Mountain Capital, Intel Corp
Education: MBA, Harvard University
BS, Computer Science & Mathematics, Cornell University