“Our team has succeeded together for years. We believe in each other and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. We share common values. That’s why we came together to found City Different.”



We’re a team of experienced investment professionals who decided to leave large, established institutions behind.


We founded City Different Investments in 2021 to create a different model in the investment industry.

Many investment firms talk about a long-term approach to investing, but few consistently achieve it. At City Different Investments everything we do from our strategies, to our collaborative client partnerships, to the way we run our business, is optimized for long-term success.

We are a team of global generalists who are driven by our passion for investing. Our founding portfolio managers are industry veterans who have run peak cumulative assets of more than $35 billion.

We’ve developed an employee-owned structure that sets us apart in the industry. We attract leading industry talent and empower them to perform at their best through our innovative, entrepreneurial culture . By eliminating the red tape commonly found in larger firms, our team has the freedom to be more nimble in execution, creating the opportunity for better long-term performance.

Our client relationships are central to our business and we believe in the importance of collaborative partnerships. We offer registered investment advisors direct access to our portfolio managers to ensure that our long-term strategies are customized to meet your long-term goals.

We are headquartered in and draw inspiration from Santa Fe, New Mexico—“The City Different.” 

In 2021, we launched City Different Investments to bring our client-first vision to life.

Here, managers are free to follow their passions

We attract and retain top talent by giving each team the freedom and responsibility to lead its own unique active investment strategies, supported by a driven, entrepreneurial environment.

Our interests align with yours

We are an independent, employee-owned firm, enabling us to stand by our convictions and align our interests and values with our clients.

We value clients as partners

We are committed to transparency—not just in sharing investment information, but by authentically engaging with clients both as investors and people.

You can feel confident in our staying power

Our founders share years of experience and common values. We have invested our energies – and our own capital – to ensure the long-term success of the company.

It says a lot about a place to earn the nickname, ‘The City Different’

With a history as deep as its diversity is wide, Santa Fe more than deserves that badge of honor. Art, science and technology have attracted new waves of people to Santa Fe, drawn by the spirit of adventure and pulled into this place that’s creative, innovative, and above all, so very different. We chose the name City Different Investments to celebrate the visionary and inspiring culture we wish to see as the model for the investment industry.